Only three days away!

We hope everyone is safe and sound after getting all this snow!

If anyone has any lingering questions as the fair approaches, feel free to check out our new FAQ page. If your question is not found listed there, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

See all student registrants this Saturday March 18th!


2 Responses to Only three days away!

  1. Gretchen Fahringer says:

    Does this go by Grade? Can we leave and come back? What do we do from 9 AM until 2? Does student need to present the project?

  2. BillH says:

    Hello! Students are judged in no particular order regarding grade. Parents are welcome to partake in the coffee and refreshments that are offered while student participants are being judged or taking part in workshops. It is up to the parents as to where they go during this time… students are either being judged or participating in workshops from 9AM until lunch at ~12:30PM. During judging, the judges will ask students questions regarding their projects, so in that sense they will “present the project”. Parents are not part of that process. We hope the kids enjoy the fair!!

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